Residential Care

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Residential care is a type of out-of-home placement in which staff are trained to work with children and youth whose specific needs are best addressed in a highly structured environment. Residential placements are time limited and offer a higher level of structure and supervision than what can be provided in a foster or kinship home. Pathways has two specialized residential programs: Habilitative Homes and 3H Youth Ranch

Licensed for 22 residents, Hab Homes is a residential treatment program in San Antonio, Texas, serving children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 3H Youth Ranch is a residential treatment program that provides short-term adventure programming for boys ages 11-17. The facility is licensed for 60 clients and has an on-site school managed by the University of Texas Charter School System.

Hab Homes and 3H Youth Ranch programs further support children with treatment teams of psychiatrists, therapists, behavioral specialists, and licensed child care administrators.

3H Youth Ranch

Habilitative Homes